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A New Chapter: feeling 22

I read somewhere the other day that 22 is the age you start to feel as though you’re actually in your twenties. Or rather, when you first start to feel like an adult.

For me, I would say it’s when you first start feeling like yourself; the beginnings of the person you’re going to be for the rest of your life. Maybe it’s when you start figuring out what you want – or don’t want – in life. It could be something small like starting to form your own personal style or noticing the differences between your friend’s life paths and your own. But I think the biggest part is your growth of self-awareness, as well as your awareness of the world around you. You pay more attention to what’s going on worldwide, but you also develop a greater understanding of people as well.

This feeling can come at different ages for everyone, but 22 is a defining year for many of us as it’s usually around this time that we are naively shoved out of the cushioned world of university and hit with the hard concrete reality of life.

One year on, and I’m just recovering from the sting of the slap. I’ve done my share of unpaid internships and more than my share of job rejections. I’ve gone from a degree and lifelong dream in fashion/travel writing to now trying to start my own travel business. It’s not what I was expecting to do but I’m going for it all the same.

My website is going to be a document of that – going for it, creating a business and navigating my twenties in the direction that I hope to go in. The reality of life may be concrete but even concrete can be shaped into what you want it to be.

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