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Can you like fashion without actually liking fashion?

Tackling life’s big questions today, though not coming to any definitive conclusions. As per, I am being painfully indecisive and wasting time questioning pointless things. Do I like fashion? Could my outfit (above) be deemed as fashionable? What’s the difference between style and fashion? And is it possible to like fashion without actually liking fashion? Am I going through some sort of fashion-existential crisis?

It began the other day when I offered one of my friends a copy of ELLE magazine and she politely declined. My friend studied fashion and I would say she’s a fashionable person. Yet when I asked her why she didn’t want it, she said it was because she didn’t like fashion in terms of trends and designers. Yet by definition that’s what fashion is. So how was it possible for my fashionable friend to dislike fashion?

I began applying these questions to myself. Would I say that I was someone who liked fashion? On the surface – yes. I’m obsessed with fashion magazines, have a fashion blog, enjoy styling outfits and love fashion photographers and style icons. Yet if you were to ask me about designers, I wouldn’t be able to answer confidently. I love shopping but I hate brands or rather people who buy something just for the name. I could name you the seasons trends, but I wouldn’t necessarily say that I follow them. I hate the fickleness and pollution that the industry causes, yet it’s an industry that I’ve chosen a career in.

The more I thought about it, the more I would say this is the general consensus for a lot of girls. Maybe the blog title would be better reworded as ‘can you like fashion without liking the fashion industry?’ Initially my conclusion was going to be that you can enjoy style without liking fashion. Quite often those who do have good style have one that’s their own, regardless of trends. But then there’s still the niggling at the back of my mind that reminds me how closely linked style and fashion are. How can you like one without the other? Fashion produces style. The closest analogy I can think of so far is by comparing it to a fashion brand – let’s take Primark for example. Primark produces clothes. You may hate the brand of Primark, it’s value and the way it works, however you may like some of Primark’s clothes. The two are definitely linked but it is possible to like one without the other. Maybe it’s the same with style and fashion. Or maybe I should just stop this random rambling and get on with some more important things.

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