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The Business: Reset – Therapeutic Travel Organiser

Reset travel organiser

I’ve always found a certain type of travel appealing. As a teen, it was the unrooted wandering and haphazard experiences associated with the Beat generation. Gradually, it evolved into an engrossment with solo female travel – not a luxurious, 5-star, sight-seeing type of trip, but again, the type of travel that involves disorderly, riveting incidents and encounters.

I used to think it was aimless wandering that I found so appealing, but it occurred to me recently that there isn’t such a thing: this type of travelling is the opposite of aimless. It’s undertaken by those who are in search of something, even if they’re unaware themselves of what exactly that is.

The common factor that I’m attracted to, is that this type of travel is life-altering: the experiences shape the person that you become and ultimately change your outlook on life.

This factor is the main value behind Reset, the travel organisers that I am trying to launch after successfully pitching the idea to a panel at my old university. At its very basic level, Reset will aim to create transformative travel experiences for customers. I want to really get to know the customer first – mainly their reasons for travel so that I can create a trip that will address that issue such as stress or anxiety – but also their personality. What scares them? What have they always wanted to do/be? What are their hobbies/interests? Travelling – especially alone – can be a very personal thing, and yet, we still have such impersonal travel agents and packaged holiday deals.

Reset will be the opposite to usual travel agents. You would select your trip based on your reason for going away and then we would create a completely unique experience that addresses these reasons with specifically chosen activities and excursions. We would also provide a personalised reading list and writing journal too.

Currently, I am in the process of having the website made and am trying to figure out how it’s all going to work along the way. As mentioned in my previous post, I’m using this blog as an outlet as I try to work it all out and am definitely interested in hearing other peoples opinions about it.

Feel free to message me, comment below or follow the journey on here or on my Instagram @kayla.joleen.

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