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The Power of Quitting (and the power of networking)

At my event The Woman on a Mission Weekend

Last night I attended a panel discussion at The Ace Hotel titled ‘The Power of Quitting.’ Hosted by the brilliant Naomi Oluleye (who spoke on my own panel last month), the discussion focused on women who decided to quit their careers in order to go it alone and pursue their own thang (Kevin G voice).

Obviously the theme of this discussion resonated with me. I’ve been managing the Reset on the side of another job for a while, and while the dream eventually is to quit and do Reset full-time, realistically it’s not something I’m able to do yet. The women on the panel had years of experience to back up their decision of doing a solo career – how can I think about quitting when I haven’t even got started?

Though it will be a while until I can do the same, there were definitely a lot of important bits of advice to take away from the discussion. All of the ladies spoke of the importance of knowing yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses, what you’re good at and what value you offer people. They also mentioned the need of having intention and energy behind what you’re doing. Why are you doing it? You need to keep that purpose in mind when you’re working and communicating your ideas; if you lose sight of that then so will other people.

One of the main messages that I personally took away from the panel was the importance of networking. As one of the panelists said, you need to put yourself out there. Challenge yourself and push yourself into situations where you feel awkward. The more people you meet, the more people will know about you and what you’re doing.

It’s a simple thing but so many of us avoid it because of the fact that it is awkward – at least that’s what we tell ourselves. Whenever I’ve gone to any of these events in sheer terror of making eye contact with anyone, I always turn out to have a great time and meet some amazing people. Take my event that I put together last month (read about it here.) I was petrified. I hate socialising but I know it’s something I needed to do for my business. And it worked – not only was it amazing in getting Reset out there but it wasn’t awkward at all. I met an amazing group of women who I’m still in contact with now.

I’ll end the blog post with another message from one of the panelists Jody Shield. The only thing that stands in your way is you. Face your fear and get yourself out there – it will 100% be better than you think.

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