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Woman on a Mission Weekend: my first event

Setting up the themed brunch

I did it! My very first event. I wish I blogged a lot more about the process but organising it alone was hectic (next time I’ll do better in sharing).

So what was it all about? If you don’t know, I’m trying to start my own business Reset Travel, a new brand that wants to completely change the way we think about travel, making people use it more personally and with purpose, by getting a fresh outlook on their problems by connecting with different cultures. The plan is offer group trips tailored towards people’s motives and goals, and take advantage of the transformative elements that travel provides.

To get some experience of planning group trips, I decided to host a mini one – a weekend in London for other girls who are trying to start their own businesses. A motivational two-days where like minded women could learn, connect and be inspired by others who were trying to do the same.

The result was amazing. Hectic – but amazing. Check out pics and hear all about what we got up to on the Reset website here.  

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